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Riser was at a kill pen in Texas about to be loaded onto a trailer bound for slaughter when we made a phone call to save him. He came to us worried and confused, but after a few weeks of love and care he settled in and was loved by all. We discovered he was likely a Western Speed horse who was dumped when he could no longer do that job. He is the most easy-going, gentle, bomb-proof horse. He found his perfect person and is living out his days running free and enjoying light trail riding.


Remi was only 5 when he was discarded at an auction and headed to slaughter. He was started too young, treated unfairly, and ridden hard. As a result, he sustained an injury and can never be ridden. Remi has a gift with people and children, loves attention, and he found his perfect forever home with a family who will give him the love and attention he deserves.


Remi at the Auction


Remi with his Forever Family

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