Teddy was our first rescue. We pulled him out of an overcrowded paddock and brought him back to health. He was only 6 years old, and full of anxiety. Through training and consistency, he is now calm, happy, and well on his way to a safe, fulfilling life. 


When we rescued Lincoln from an auction in Pennsylvania, he was very skinny, had multiple scars and nerve damage in one ear from abuse. Even with all of that, he came to trust us very quickly. He is now healthy, and soaking up the love and attention he never received. He is a wise and intelligent soul who has a spirit that wasn’t broken even after a lifetime of abuse. He has made an impact on all of us who have watched his transformation.


Belle is a six year old racehorse whose only crime was she wasn't that fast. She ended up in the killeen, skinny and neglected. She is now filled out and gorgeous. She has a quiet demeanor, so loving, brave, and a great mind. We can't wait to get her under saddle soon, as we fell certain she is going to be an amazing horse for some very lucky new owner.


We met Mosby at the auction in New Holland, PA. He had a curiosity and sweetness that caught our attention. We think he is only 4 or 5. When he came to us after his quarantine period, he almost died from West Nile because he had not been vaccinated. He is a fighter and miraculously he survived! Now that he is healthy, he is a curious, spunky guy with a big personality. He is super fancy trotting and cantering around the pasture full of life. 

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