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Plans, Dreams, and Bigger Things...

Cherry with Teddy, Nalani’s first rescue

For those of you who have followed Nalani’s story, you know that I started the dream of rescuing horses with almost no experience and knowledge - just a driving NEED to do SOMEthing after I learned about the side of the horse world most people aren’t aware of; the tens of thousands of throw-away’s who are starved, neglected, and often end up on an over-crowded truck heading to an inhumane slaughter. My original plan was to take horses who were in danger of slipping through the cracks, get them some training, and find them a safe home. I was NOT going to the horrific auctions that I had heard nightmare stories about, not trying to save the old, sick or severely starved horses. That was for other “real” horse rescues. I wasn’t cut out or equipped for that.

Three years into this journey, we have now rescued an older abused and neglected horse who was thrown away after living his life essentially as a slave, a young horse who was broken early and left unrideable, a severely starved discarded racehorse, and an abused severely starved Amish horse who was thrown away for some unknown reason. We even rescued a horse just to be able to humanely euthanize him to end the suffering that a sorry excuse for a human was willing to profit from.

Remi - only 5 and severely injured; he has now found his permanent home!
#106 - we rescued him to have him humanely euthanized
Belle - 6 year old race horse rescued from a kill pen
Mosby - young Amish horse who was severely starved