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A soft heart is a brave heart...

Teddy…. we often call him “Princess Teddy” because he is so sensitive. He gets cold easily and is often the only horse needing a blanket. He runs at the first sign of a fly, so we cover him from head to toe in fly gear. On the flip side, he is the horse that every other horse looks to for friendship and comfort. He was my first rescue, so he has seen every horse arrive to the rescue, and he has watched them leave, sometimes calling for them as the trailer drives away. He is often overlooked for attention because other horses need it more. He suffered the devastating loss of his best friend in January, yet he gave his heart willingly to Tony, and now he is grieving that loss. I know he will welcome the next horse with an open heart and offer him assurance that this is a safe place. For all of his “princess” ways, he is the definition of resilience and strength. His heart seems to have no limits. Often, sensitivity is seen as a sign of weakness, but putting your heart on the line over and over is a brave and selfless act. And for that, I admire Teddy so much. 💙


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