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Hope Lives Here...


Life is so full of surprises. Hope went unnoticed at the auction…she was 100 percent on her way to slaughter, but when I found out she was attached to Spirit, I couldn’t leave her behind. She came in so skinny and sick, but she has some serious willpower! Once she was healthy, she quickly became the Alpha in spite of her size and age. And when we tried her under saddle, she showed us how amazing she is…brave, sweet, resilient. I posted her adoption ad, and the calls started pouring in. I knew that she was going to a great home, but when we pulled in and I saw the sign on the fence, “Hope Lives Here”, I knew we found the perfect match. I’ve always said, through the toughest times of my life, as long as I have ‘hope’ I’ll be ok. Sometimes the signs are subtle, and sometimes they are glaring. I needed a sign, and I got it. Thank you, sweet girl. Hope lives here, too.



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