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"I know for sure that love saves me..."


Sophie, our Christmas Miracle rescue has found her forever Valentine. I posted earlier today a quote from Maya Angelou. “I know for sure that love saves me, and I am sure it’s here to save us all.” As I went through my day, that quote was in my head, and I realized I was watching it play out. Sophie was a throwaway horse, worked into the ground and dumped. She doesn’t even know how to accept a treat because she has never been given one.

A little over a week ago, I received a message about a horse whose companion had to be put down suddenly. I spoke to the owner about her and gave her a realistic picture. On the outside Sophie looks rough! She is still bony and her tail has been half chewed off. She needs some TLC, but there is a beautiful soul in there.

She didn’t hesitate to say that she wanted Sophie in spite of all that. I knew after speaking with her that she would give Sophie a wonderful home.

When Sophie met “J”, they hit it off immediately like they had known each other for years. J was so happy to have a companion, and Sophie’s eyes softened as if she knew she was home.

An Amish work horse was sent to heal the heart of a gorgeous off the track thoroughbred. Love isn’t always where you expect to find it; Love saved Sophie, and Sophie saved J. And for me...I couldn’t ask for anything more on Valentine’s Day.



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