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Meet the Herd

Permanent Ambassadors/Sanctuary


Permanent Ambassador 


Teddy was Cherry’s first rescue. After multiple failed attempts to adopt him out, we realized Teddy was meant to stay at Nalani. He is as playful as a puppy but also has a wisdom about him.  He’s equally welcoming to new horses and humans alike, and therefor is the perfect ambassador for Nalani. 

Rehabbing/In Training



In Training

We met Angel at the auction in November 2021 in sub-freezing temps. She was emaciated and shaking. She has never known kindness but is curious and trying to trust. She is incredibly smart and sensitive and leaves an impression on everyone she meets. 



Currently Rehabbing 

We found Spirit at the auction in November of 2020, terrified and likely heading to slaughter. He was completely shut down and it has taken a while for him to trust us after a life of cruelty, but he gets braver every day. He lives up to his name full of spunk and personality.  


Charlie & Warrior

Currently Rehabbing 

Charlie and Warrior lived most of their lives together in a loving home. Unfortunately the circumstances of their owner changed and they became victims of severe neglect. We are working to get them healthy and back to a proper weight. There are an extremely bonded and we do not plan to ever separate them. They enjoy eating side by side in their new pasture at Nalani.    



In Training

Whinny was rescued at the auction in November of 2022. She has just completed her quarantine and arrived with Liz to start her training. Stay tuned for more updates on Whinny.




Currently Rehabbing 

Cavo came from a training barn when he was a lesson horse for many years. At 19 we are giving him time off to just be a horse. He may enjoy being a trail horse in the future but for now, we are letting him exhale.


Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption

Duke is ready to find his person! This gorgeous 12 year old registered standardbred spent his life as an Amish buggy horse. He loves attention and....


Available for Adoption

This stunning Morgan will make you think of Black Beauty. He spent his life working as an Amish Buggy horse and is around 19 or 20.... 

Apply to Adopt 

Please review our adoption application if interested in adopting. 

(703) 772-3712

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