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Meet the Herd

Permanent Ambassadors/Sanctuary


Permanent Ambassador 


Teddy was Cherry's first rescue, when Nalani was only a dream. He was only 6 and left in an overcrowded pasture with no hay or grass. Once he was healthy, we tried to find him a home, but we were unable to find a perfect fit for him. We realized Teddy was meant to stay at Nalani where he would fill a very important role. He is as playful as a puppy but also has an intuitive wisdom about him. He’s equally welcoming to new horses and humans alike, and therefore is the perfect ambassador for Nalani. 




Saint was rescued from the New Holland Sales Stable. We are estimating his age to be early twenties. He is currently in quarantine getting healthy enough to come to Va.

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Geddy Lee (born Gary Lee Weinrib) is a Canadian musician, best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the rock group Rush. Lee joined the band in September 1968, at the request of his childhood friend Alex Lifeson, replacing original bassist and frontman Jeff Jones. Lee's solo effort, My Favourite Headache, was released in 2000.




Nick was rescued along with Saint. He is also in his early twenties and currently in quarantine with Saint. 

Available for Adoption


*Available for Adoption


Brew By You was sold for $30,000 as a yearling. She did her job well and placed second in her last two races. After her racing career, she found her way to a kind person where she did her job teaching children to ride. She eventually changed hands to another kind person and she continued to do her job as a safe and dependable lesson horse. But then she changed hands and found herself in the slaughter pipeline at only 9 years old. She is quiet under saddle and a lovely mover who would make a wonderful trail horse or light ring riding. She would be best suited for a confident experienced rider.


*Available for Adoption


Remi is a well bred quarter horse who was rescued from New Holland Sales Stable at only 5! Upon investigation, we discovered that he suffered a catastrophic injury and can never be ridden. He is everyone's favorite sweetheart! He gets along with all horses and is an easy keeper.


*Available for Adoption


Silverstar Grande is an 11-year-old thoroughbred. We don’t know much about her early years, but she ended up at a livestock auction in Ohio where an Amish man bought her. Fortunately, a man was buying two horses from the Amish man, and she caught his eye; she was standing in a dark, damp, manure-filled barn. He bought her too and then brought her to us. She is a beautiful deep soul who loves humans in spite of her past.

Rehabbing/In Training



Currently Rehabbing 

We found Spirit at the auction in November of 2020, terrified and likely heading to slaughter. He was completely shut down and it has taken a while for him to trust us after a life of cruelty, but he gets braver every day. He lives up to his name full of spunk and personality.  



Currently Rehabbing 

Cavo came from a training barn when he was a lesson horse for many years. At 20 we are giving him time off to just be a horse. He may enjoy being a trail horse in the future but for now, we are letting him exhale.


Currently in Foster Program


Long-Term Foster

We are searching for a very special person for Angel. She is a 14 year old 15hh mare. We are unsure of her breeding. When we rescued her from new Holland....

Recently Adopted


This stunning Morgan will make you think of Black Beauty. He spent his life working as an Amish Buggy horse and is around 19 or 20.... 



Winnie is a 15 year old, 14hh chestnut pony who loves attention and can be led and handled by a tiny child. She lifts her feet....



Duke is ready to find his person! This gorgeous 12 year old registered standardbred spent his life as an Amish buggy horse. He loves attention and....



Charlie and Warrior lived most of their lives together in a loving home. Unfortunately, the circumstances of their owner changed and they became victims of severe neglect. We are working to get them healthy and back to a proper weight. They are extremely bonded and we do not plan to ever separate them. They enjoy eating side by side in their new pasture at Nalani.    

Apply to Adopt 

Please review our adoption application if interested in adopting. 

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