Nalani Horse Rescue (Nalani is Hawaiian for “the Heavens”) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to horse rescue and rehabilitation. Our mission is to provide horses in need of rescue with care, rehabilitation and training with the goal of finding them safe, forever homes. At Nalani, we are committed to giving these horses an opportunity to meet their potential in a loving, healthy and trusting environment. Nalani is located at Alanwood Farm, in Broad Run, VA. It is a peaceful haven for horses who have been through trauma.

Why Rescue Horses

There are many factors that lead to a horse being dumped at an auction and headed to a horrific journey and terrifying death in a slaughter house. A horse costs at minimum $3K - 10K a year to feed and maintain. Often, people with the best of intentions fall on hard times and can no longer feed and give the proper care to a horse. In the racing and sport horse world, horses are often started far too young and sustain injuries early in life that limit their ability to perform, making them unwanted. As horses age and are no longer able to do a job (whether it’s a lesson horse, cart horse, or show horse), they are often discarded. Sadly, the world is full of cruel people who abuse, neglect, and starve horses for seemingly no reason. Over 100,000 horses are shipped to slaughter every year.

The Team

Cherry Tapley began riding as an adult, but throughout her life she possessed a passion for horses. As a new horse owner, she quickly became aware of the plight of many horses who were starved, abused, and discarded, often leading them to be shipped to slaughter. Determined to make a difference, she immersed herself in hands-on horse care and became an advocate for horses. As her passion and involvement with horses grew, she developed a unique insight into rescue and rehabilitation, eventually co-founding Nalani Horse Recovery. As President and Co-Founder of Nalani Horse Rescue, Cherry runs the daily operations of the rescue and drives planning, coordination, and fundraising.

Shane Richitt grew up around horses and developed a passion for them early in life. Shane met Cherry in 2015 when Nalani was in the early stages of formation and was eager to join the team. He is involved in all aspects of rescue operations and horse care. Whenever he has time, he can be found enjoying his other passion, fishing on the Shenandoah. 

Mark Rivest is an attorney who retired as a Colonel after a 27 year career in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.  Mark and his wife, Susan, are originally from upstate New York, but adopted Northern Virginia as their home.  They built a home in Aldie, VA and knew that they wanted to become involved in their adopted community and make a positive difference. Given the fact that Susan grew up around horses and developed a lifelong passion for equestrian activities and equine welfare, volunteering at Nalani was a natural choice.  After sponsoring their first horse, Lincoln, and spending countless hours volunteering on various Nalani projects, they have become steadfast supporters and a consistent fixture at Nalani. Mark and Susan, and their daughters Caitlin and Kirsten, are inspired on a daily basis by Nalani’s ability to change the lives of horses and humans alike. 

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