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Cherry rescued Teddy as she was in the process of forming the non-profit. At 6, he was discarded in an over crowded paddock and needed TLC. As he gained weight and confidence, he blossomed into a cute mover under saddle. He has had potential adopters, but has problems staying sound. Teddy is a pleaser; a sweet, loveable horse who gets along well with all horses and loves the attention of people. He has become the Nalani Ambassador who welcomes new rescues into the herd and greets visitors with a playful demeanor.

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When we rescued Lincoln from an auction in Pennsylvania, he was very skinny, had multiple scars and nerve damage in one ear from abuse. Even with all of that, he came to trust us very quickly. He is now healthy, and soaking up the love and attention he never received. He is a wise and intelligent soul who has a spirit that wasn’t broken even after a lifetime of abuse. He has made an impact on all of us who have watched his transformation. Lincoln is the first horse to be granted sanctuary at Nalani. He will live out his days with the people he has come to know and trust.


We met Hope at the New Holland auction. We didn't notice her at first because she was attached to Spirit and had her head hanging low so we couldn't see her face. We had planned to bid on Spirit, but when he was ridden across the auction floor, she was ridden in with him, and we were told they were a "bonded pair". We couldn't possibly leave her behind so she was a package deal with Spirit. We are so thankful we made that decision! She is a sweet, loving horse who is in her 20's but has a lot of spunk left in her. We look forward to seeing what she can do once she puts on weight and gets healthy.


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Spirit caught our eye at the New Holland auction because he was so frozen in fear and had a look of utter shock and disbelief. We knew we had to save him! He is about 10 years old, and is appropriately named. He is still very shy and afraid of humans, but he becomes more trusting every day. 


Sophie was an Amish buggy horse who worked hard her whole life before she was dumped. She has the sweetest, most gentle disposition! She absolutely LOVES forehead rubs and neck scratches. She doesn't even know how to eat a treat. She is in need of much TLC, food, and rest, which we are thrilled to give her (along with love and hugs).


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