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Cherry rescued Teddy as she was in the process of forming Nalani. At age 6, he was discarded, thin, and at risk of heading to the auction. As he gained weight and confidence, he blossomed into a cute mover under saddle, but over time he had injuries and issues causing him to become unrideable. He has been up for adoption a few times, and any potential adoptions fell through. We took this as a sign from the universe that Teddy was meant to be the Nalani Ambassador; he is a sweet, loveable horse who gets along well with all other horses and loves the attention of people. He has the perfect job welcoming new rescues into the herd and greeting visitors with his playful demeanor


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Tony had a long life as a show jumper and then a lesson horse. He was fortunate enough to have been loved and cared for by one person from the time he was 3. Sadly, in her later years, she lost her farm and Tony ended up with nowhere to land. We took him in and we are working on getting weight on. At age 24, he is a sweet and loving gentle giant.


Chance was part of a large seizure/surrender of neglected horses and animals in PA. Nalani was one of several rescues involved. He is a gorgeous, easy-going guy. He has had a severe injury to one of his lower legs and can't be ridden, but he enjoys life at Nalani with his herd mates and loves being groomed. 

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Spirit caught our eye at the New Holland auction because he was so frozen in fear and had a look of utter shock and disbelief. We knew we had to save him! He is about 10 years old, and is appropriately named. He is still very shy and afraid of humans, but he becomes more trusting every day. 

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Angel was rescued from the New Holland auction is November of 2021. She was severely emaciated and freezing. She is now in Virginia. Her weight is much better, and she is learning to trust humans. She is a very sweet girl who has a long way to go, but we are excited to watch her transformation!

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Noble was also rescued from the New Holland auction in November. He is a standardbred who had a career racing with over 200 starts, 38 1st place and over 299K in earnings, ended up as an Amish cart horse and was then dumped at the auction. He is the definition of a war horse, and it just goes to show that ANY horse can end up in the slaughter pipeline. He has the sweetest personality! He loves to be groomed and follows us around like a puppy. 

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