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“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”  - Rumi

Nalani Encounters is an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Program that focuses on the benefits of connecting and relating to horses. The program is designed around the philosophies of the Human-Equine Relational Development (HERD) Institute. 

Why Horses?

As prey animals, horses have a heightened awareness allowing them to discern our true intentions. Knowing what another being is feeling on the inside despite what they are showing on the outside is essential to their survival. Horses will always reveal where our outer self and inner self are not in alignment, allowing us to discover areas of our lives that are incongruent. The way in which a horse responds to us can provide powerful feedback. Because they are highly attuned to human emotions, horses teach us to be more aware of the connection between our mind and body, teaching us to relate to others in a more authentic way. 


It is easy to lose yourself in the noise of busyness and societal expectations. Horses help bring you back to who you are. A Nalani Encounter is a rare opportunity to get in touch with yourself through interactions with horses. 


Horses live in the present moment, and they have the ability to teach us to be present, which Eckhart Tolle described as “…That intensely alive state that is free of time, free of problems, free of thinking…”

EFL sessions take place on the ground in the horses’ natural environment, and no horse experience is necessary. Learning occurs simply by observing and interacting with the horses. 


Connect - Connecting with a horse essentially connects us to ourselves and teaches us how to have more authentic connections with others. 


Transform - Interacting with horses is a transformative experience. It can change the way we see ourselves and the world around us and can have lasting impact on how we relate to others.


Evolve - Growth comes from learning how to live authentically with our actions reflecting our emotions and beliefs. 

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Cherry Tapley, and when I started a horse rescue in 2015, I insisted it was “all about the horses”. What I didn’t know is that building relationships with horses would teach me so much about myself. My experience has had such a profound impact on my life, I became driven to find a way to share it with others and became certified as an EFL facilitator through the HERD Institute. By nature, I am a ‘helper’ (Enneagram type 2). My mission to help horses evolved into a desire to help people by partnering with the horses I rescue. I am certified as an EFL coach through the HERD institute and I bring seven years of experience working with horses who have been through trauma and gaining their trust. I am excited to combine my passions with the creation of Nalani Encounters, LLC. I would love to connect and set up a session with you!


Herd Encounter


This is a 90 minute group session that includes a guided experience with nature and a herd of horses. Learning occurs through interactions and observations. 

Date Encounter 


This is a 60 minute private couples session that includes a guided experience with nature and a herd of horses. The self-discovery provoked by guided interactions with horses and their natural environments lead couples to learn about each other through a shared experience. 

Private Open 


This is a 90 minute unstructured private experience with horses that includes hands-on time in their natural setting. Activities will vary and be personalized to give you a unique experience.

*Disclaimer, Nalani Encounters is a separate organization from Nalani Horse Rescue

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