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"Mr. Scott"...the one we couldn't leave behind.


...The pony with no hip tag because he was declared “unfit” to go through the sale. Liz zeroed in on him early on, but without a hip tag we couldn’t bid on him and save him. The messed up thing about this situation is that when a horse is declared unfit for sale, they go back home with the owner who brought them in in that condition.

I said in an earlier post that I’ve learned to compartmentalize my emotions, and that means not getting attached to something I know I can’t save. I wouldn’t even look too closely, but every time we walked by him, Liz kept saying we had to get him out of there, and it started getting to me. Cute little pony with the sweetest face…so skinny and sick.

We got the other two loaded onto the trailer, but Liz was having a hard time leaving without him. I wanted to save him too, but I wasn’t really prepared for 3 horses, so I told her that if she could raise the funds for quarantine, we could take him….and she did it!

We worked our connections, found the owner, and got him. I think that was the happiest moment of the day… he needs is prayers and all the positive vibes you have. He’s in such bad condition; he’s not eating, and he’s barely drinking. He’s receiving fluids and electrolytes through IV, along with antibiotics, and having bloodwork done. Please send up a little prayer for this sweet pony. We got him out, and we are not giving up on him now.



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